"What a pleasure to deal with Conception Proto for all my prototyping needs. I use 3D for both qualifying my products if I outsource, but also for masters from which I produce molds in house. Prior to finding Conception Proto, I dealt with three other 3D service bureaus, one in LA and two in the Bay Area. Rarely could I get them on the phone and it would take 2 to 4 days for a call back which led to parts made on the lowest surface quality when I needed the highest surface quality. Conception is local, communicative and the printer makes my parts so that I don't need to do outside finishing."

- M. Black

"We are always busy trying to meet our customers needs so when we have a vendor with the same mission it’s great. When we need rapid prototyping there is only one choice for us - Conception."
- G. Colle Jr.